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Hi, my name is Richard. This is my blog which is designed to help others to understand how doctors and nurses can help them maintain and improve their health. I feel that this blog is important because too many people do not visit the doctor when they should. I used to be one of those people until last year. For many weeks, I had been feeling very unwell. Eventually, my wife insisted I visit my GP. My GP was a big help, he sent me for test and they found I had prostate cancer. I had further treatment and the nurses were great. I am now fully recovered.


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Prostate Health: Understanding the Critical Signs of Gland Enlargement

Prostate enlargement, also known as benign prostatic hyperplasia, is a condition which occurs in men as they grow older. This process of aging cannot be deterred or reversed. Therefore, numerous older men are plagued by this health problem. Under normal circumstances, the prostate serves an important reproductive function in the body. In simple terms, this gland is responsible for producing the seminal fluid which nourished the sperm cells.

Unfortunately, as the prostate enlarges due to poor health and advances in age, its presence becomes problematic because the gland begins to press on the urethra. In most cases, the signs of prostate enlargement are mild. However, the symptoms can be troublesome in other individuals, necessitating examination and treatment. Here are the critical signs of prostate enlargement to watch out for if you are concerned about your health status.

Difficulties in Urination

The most common problem caused by the enlargement of the prostate is significant difficulty in urination. This issue can be attributed to the pressure which is exerted on the urethra by the increased size. The challenges experienced in passing urine can vary, depending on the individual's health condition, severity of the hyperplasia and the size of prostate. Some patients might experience significant pain when passing urine. The bladder can also become irritable, increasing the frequency of passing fluid. Also, the sense of urgency can be higher.

Obstructive Symptoms

When the prostate gland becomes large, you might notice signs of obstruction of the urethra. In simple terms, the increased gland will not only put pressure on the urethra. It can also cause the narrowing of the tube, and the effect of this problem will be apparent. The stream of urine will be poor as the urethra becomes thinner. You might also experience significant delay before the beginning of passing urine. Additionally, dribbling might occur at the end of urinating.

Urinary Retention

The enlargement of prostate can cause the complete blockage of the urinary tract. This complication develops in severe cases of the benign hyperplasia. If this occurs, an affected individual will not be able to urinate at all. The urinary retention can be extremely uncomfortable, and a catheter will be necessary for draining the bladder. In other cases, urine will not be completely emptied from the bladder.

The symptoms of prostate enlargement are also known as lower urinary tract symptoms. Therefore, they can be caused by other underlying problems in the reproductive area, including cancer. Therefore, if you have identified these signs, you should consult a prostate health care specialist for an examination.