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Hi, my name is Richard. This is my blog which is designed to help others to understand how doctors and nurses can help them maintain and improve their health. I feel that this blog is important because too many people do not visit the doctor when they should. I used to be one of those people until last year. For many weeks, I had been feeling very unwell. Eventually, my wife insisted I visit my GP. My GP was a big help, he sent me for test and they found I had prostate cancer. I had further treatment and the nurses were great. I am now fully recovered.


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Important Medical Screenings No Woman Should Overlook

Medical screenings for developing conditions are very important for every woman, as finding out about certain conditions early on may increase your chances of successful treatment, and of being able to avoid risky surgery or long-term health consequences. However, many women overlook important testing for health-related concerns, perhaps because they're afraid of getting negative results, or because they don't understand the importance of these screenings and tests. Note a few of those important screenings here, and discuss your overall health problems with your doctor as needed.

Blood pressure

Some people mistakenly think that only men have high blood pressure or hypertension; you may also assume that you are not at risk for high blood pressure if there is no history of this condition in your family. These misconceptions can put your health at risk, as women can easily develop high blood pressure, no matter their family's history with this condition. Hypertension can increase your risk of heart disease, stroke, and other serious health problems, so it's good to monitor your pressure and have it addressed as needed.

Blood glucose

The measure of how much glucose or sugar is in your blood is very important. The body produces insulin from the pancreas to regulate sugar, and if the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin, you will have elevated blood glucose levels, and be at risk for diabetes. Diabetes can lead to blindness, heart disease, poor blood circulation, and a number of other very serious conditions. Learning how to control your blood glucose levels, and taking medication if needed, can help to avoid these risks.


Osteoporosis is a weakening of the bones; women are often at a higher risk for this disease than men, and especially as they age. Weakened bones are more prone to fractures, and can mean a loss of mobility, as strong bones are needed for everyday movements. A bone density test is often recommended for women every few years, but it might be good to have this done more often if you have a history of fractures, or a history of osteoporosis in the family.

Cervical cancers

Finding out that you have cervical cancer, or any abnormality of the cervix, can be very frightening, but treating this condition early on can stop cancer from spreading. This can also mean a less invasive surgery and a shorter round of chemotherapy, if needed. Get screened for this condition as often as recommended by your doctor, according to your age and other risk factors, to ensure you receive proper and immediate treatment.